Beauty Parlor Program

Beauty courses generally cover many areas like skincare & makeup, haircare & hairstyling, and more. It is a detailed & practical oriented study of various beauty treatments. Also, many ladies enjoy a wide variety of beauty treatments.

Looking over the scope, our Council Of Education provides detailed courses in the field of beauty. By learning these courses in detail, one can find better placement opportunities in the industry.

Our Council Of Education provides comprehensive courses in many key areas. The first preliminary course teaches you the basics of beauty and hairdressing. You will get a basic idea about the beauty salon field by pursuing this course. It is a 45 days course which is divided into 150 training hours. To apply for this program, you must have completed your 10th standard studies.

The second course aims to teach you more advanced knowledge about the beauty parlor industry. This program is held for a 3 months duration. There will be 250 training hours wherein you will get expert knowledge from industry experts. The minimum eligibility criteria require 10th standard qualification.

The third course study curriculum provides complete studies that are required to become a beautician. This course holds for 45 days time span wherein you will be trained to become an expert beautician. There will be 150 training hours in which you will get proper knowledge about the curriculum involved. You must be 10th pass out if you are willing to apply for this program.

The next course on our list is a beauty culture program. It is a 6 monthly training program that uncovers the key areas in the beauty industry. There will be 300 training hours. You must have completed your 10th standard studies to apply for it.

In beauty areas, there are many sub-areas which include hairstyling & hair spa, manicure & pedicure, permanent hair removal, etc. So, our next course aims on making you a specialized expert in a particular key area.
Certificate in Hair Stylist is a 3 months course where there are 200 comprehensive training hours. You must be qualified in 10th standard to learn this study curriculum.

Cosmetology and beautician are next on our checklist. This course helps you explore many subtle yet important areas of the beauty industry. It includes the study & application of cosmetics, hairstyling & hair color, skincare & makeup, etc. You will get hands-on experience after learning these key areas. It is a 45-day program in which there are 125 training hours. The eligibility criteria are 10th.

Further, we also offer advanced courses like ESDP on Cosmetology and Beautician. This theory and the practical-oriented course will be held for 1 month. You will discover many interesting areas in the beauty field by completing it. There are 72 training hours that will be completed in 1 month period. You must be 10th pass out to book your seat.

Lastly, we also offer specialized courses in Naturopathy and spa therapy. It is a 3 months study program in which there will be 240 training hours. You must be 10th qualified to apply for this course.

To conclude, it is a great opportunity for youth in India to gain a new skill & monetize it to generate an income source. We strive hard to generate better employment opportunities for the upliftment of societies. In the end, a skill learned always opens up the door to new opportunities.

We are running beauty parlor Centers in 260+ villages. In these centers, we train ladies and improve their skills so they can be independent. After completion of the course, we also provide certification of the course.

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