Yoga Courses by Council Of Education

Yoga is known to be a great exercise for mind & body relaxation. Also, it has been practiced in India since ancient eras. We can ensure people’s good health & well-being in societies by practicing it regularly. This is why our council aims to conduct courses on Yoga. Young men & women can foster good habits in society by doing these comprehensive courses.

Our Council Of Education aims to provide both short & long duration courses on Yoga. Also, after completion of the course & examination, you will be certified in a particular field. A certificate will be provided in your name.

In Yoga course categories, there are four areas of activity in which you can achieve specialization.

The first introductory course provides basic certification in Yoga. It is held for 45 days. There will be 80 constructive training hours wherein you will get a comprehensive piece of knowledge.

We believe in a detailed study approach. Hence, you will get complete knowledge in an easy to understand way. After completing the course, you will be able to understand at least the basics of Yoga. You can submit an application form if you have completed your 10th standard curriculum.

The second course includes yoga as well as spa therapy knowledge. It is a detailed course which is conducted for one year. Your key knowledge will get diversified on doing this varied course. There are 720 training hours in which you will get an in-depth understanding. You can apply for this course program if you have cleared your 12th examinations.

After learning the nitty-gritty, of course, you can also educate younger generations. This is why we have a Yoga Teacher Training Course(YTTC). In this program, we train you with the intent to make you an independent teacher. You will be molded & shaped to perfection in this course of study.

After that, you can teach newer generations that are willing to gain skills. This course is held for 6 months duration. It is further divided into 300 training hours. You must be 12th pass out if you wish to pursue this particular course. Once you join, you will be trained efficiently to become a well-informed teacher.

With this, you can also go one step further. Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 will help you become a master in your field. You can assimilate every expertise that is a must for your proficiency. This program will be held for 1 year.

There will be 650 training hours. By doing this program, you can learn every crucial aspect of Yoga exercise. You will learn the core areas that will help you become an expert. To apply for this program, you must have completed your 12th standard educational program.

Considering the modern-day problems, these programs will be a win-win opportunity for those who want to learn. Firstly, it will ensure your healthy living. Secondly, these highly-qualified programs will generate an employment opportunity for you. Thirdly and most importantly, it will reinforce the importance of Indian ancient exercises in our modern minds.

One thing to be remembered is a skill that is acquired never gets wasted. You can utilize your skills for the betterment of yourself and society. Moreover, it will support the overall development of our country. One can find better placements for himself. In the end, this practice will strengthen our country both financially & spiritually.