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India is the second-most populous country. And a large portion of its population covers youth. However, unfortunately, the unemployment rate in our country is also high. The youth lacks industry-relevant skills. Hence, the government has launched PMKVY to encourage skill development among younger generations. 

This journey started with the aim to skill 1 crore youth of India with an outlay of Rs 12000 crores. It was launched on 15th July 2015, the day on which the world celebrates World Youth Skills Day. 

There are various training centers spread across regions in India. The Council of Education situated is one of them. You can acquire the skills from any center. It is an assurance that you will develop excellent skills that will help you grow and earn soon. 

Reading this article, you will learn & discover everything about PMKVY. All information regarding course criteria, training centers, job roles, placement opportunities, etc is provided below.

What is PMKVY?

Youth is an asset to every country. However, we need to train this resource in the right direction. This is how the young people will be able to generate income & the country’s economy will boost. 

Also, many industries demand a skilled workforce which has always been a loophole in our economy. Ascertaining to this need, the government has launched a flagship outcome-based Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana(PMKVY) in 2015. 

Timeline of PMKVY

In its pilot phase, it has trained millions of youth residing across our country. After this successful journey, the new PMKVY 2016-20 skill training scheme was launched under Skill India. Many changes & corrections were made to this training scheme. 

Finally, it was launched considering greater objectives to transform youth into a skilled force. The budget to be spent over four years was Rs 12000 crores. This scheme gets implemented across every region through the National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC). This has been considered as a first step towards making India the skill capital. 

This program runs through both central and state levels. There are two components namely Centrally-Sponsored Centrally-Managed(CSCM) and Centrally-Sponsored State-Managed(CSSM).

Fund allocation under the scheme 2016-20

Initially, the fund gets transferred from NSDF to NSDC. After that, the NSDC disburses the money to PIA & trainees/beneficiaries. These candidates receive the grant in tranches at some points. Or else, the amount is directly transferred to the trainee/beneficiary. 

Key parameters of 2016-20 scheme

After the successful implementation of the first scheme, the second scheme was launched. Many corrections were made to the second 2016-20 scheme. Let’s get a glimpse over it. 

ParametersPMKVY 2016-2020
Centre validationDone by Quality Council of India
Placements 20% payout on placement performance linked incentives
DisbursementGiven to TP on as per rules
Job rolesTraining for level 3 & 4 job roles
Standard trainee handbookProvided to each candidate
CertificationsDigital certifications & mark sheets provided
AttendanceCompulsory, based on aadhar based biometric for students & trainer

PMKVY Objectives

The core objective is to encourage & enable the youth to acquire industry-relevant skills & generate income. Let’s get a glimpse into detail:

  • To align skill training with the existing industry standards
  • To improve the current skill expertise of the existing workforce
  • To encourage standardization of certification process
  • To encourage 10 million youth to become self-reliant financially

PMKVY Features

The key features cover every aspect stated below:

  • This scheme aims to provide standardized training programs. It is according to National Occupational Standards – NOS and Qualification Packs (QP). 
  • This flagship program especially targets drop out students.
  • It also aims to excel skills of the informal sector workforce.
  • It ensures excellent monitoring & mentorship from trained instructors.
  • It provides certification after successful completion of the course curriculum.

PMKVY Key benefits to candidates

The applicant acquires valuable skills. With this, there are certain amenities provided for the benefit of candidates which are as stated below:

  • Free training to eligible candidates
  • Skill certificate to eligible candidates
  • Free conveyance fee for eligible candidates
  • Job placement assistance in case of Short Term Training (STT)
  • Free transportation and loading & boarding fee for eligible candidates after placement

PMKVY Courses across various Industries

This government scheme facilitates varieties of courses in different industrial sectors. These courses do not just focus on core skill development but also personal grooming & soft skills. There are 165 job profiles present as of today. 

The industrial sectors are as follows:

  • Agriculture
  • Apparels, Made-ups, and Home furnishing
  • Automotive
  • Beauty and wellness
  • BFSI
  • Capital goods
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Furniture & fittings
  • Gem and jewelry
  • Handicrafts and carpet
  • Healthcare
  • Indian Iron and steel
  • Indian plumbing
  • Infrastructure equipment
  • IT/ITes
  • Leather
  • Life sciences
  • Logistics
  • Media and entertainment
  • Mining
  • Power
  • Retailers association
  • Rubber
  • Security
  • Green jobs
  • Sports
  • Textiles
  • Tourism and Hospitality

To get the detailed information regarding job roles in every industry stated above, you can visit the official website of PMKVY. You will find the job roles which are available under PMKVY CSCM.

Course Formats

The current PMKVY skill training scheme offers three training formats. They are namely Short Term Training(STT), Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL), and Special Project. 

Short Term Training(STT)

This training program is conducted by the Quality Council of India(QCI). You will get a standard trainee handbook after applying for this course. There will be a digital locker to store certificates & mark sheets. Also, the attendance mode has been made digital. The trainees, trainers, and assessors are supposed to make aadhar based biometric attendance. This is a mandate at every training center except J&K & NE region centers. 

Training will be provided to you at job roles levels 3 and 4 only. Also, TPs are eligible for a 20% payout based on placement performance-linked incentives. 

Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL)

It is an assessment process that is beneficial to gauge a person’s existing skills, knowledge, and expertise. These key attributes can either be gained through formal, non-formal, or informal learning. 

This assessment journey goes through 5 steps. It involves mobilization, counseling, and pre-screening, orientation, final assessment. After this, the PMKVY certificate, mark sheet, and payout distribution are made to eligible candidates. 

PMKVY Centers

Aspiring candidates can take requisite training from PMKVY courses centers spread across the country. One can also open a center in their regional areas where the skill training will get provided. However, certain rules & regulations that should be followed. 

  1. Usable training center areas wherein candidates will acquire skills should be 3000 sq ft or more. However, the project can also be executed in 1500 sq ft. 
  2. Your training area must have requisite equipment & infrastructure as per each job role.
  3. Only courses under PMKVY could be run under the dedicated training center area. You must not run any other course in that area. 
  4. There must be a facility of at least 2 washrooms. It should be separate for boys & girls. 
  5. In the case of Non-IT courses, there must be at least 6 working computer systems connected with the Internet. 
  6. In the case of IT courses, there must be at least 15 working computer systems connected with the Internet. 
  7. Your center should facilitate one Training of Trainers (TOT) certified trainer for each job role in curriculum. 
  8. Aadhar based biometric devices are mandatory for student and trainer’s attendance. 
  9. Your training center must take part in Kaushal Melas at least once every 3 months. 

PMKVY center opening process

Anyone can open a training center if he/she adheres to the rules. The rules are made to ensure whether the training center is operating as per the standards or not. This government scheme wants to make sure that every candidate is gaining skills in a healthy and robust environment. 

A few rules include filling up an enrollment form, signing up for MOU, institute orientation program, etc. You are required to do things from student eligibility checks to issue certification to successful candidates. Everything should be made by the government guidelines. 

To get a brief overview of rules & regulations, you can contact the Council of Education at +91-81999-86900. We will guide you to open a training center in your regional area. A piece of detailed information will be provided to you regarding opening a training center.